Who pays and how much?
The levy of 1% is added to invoices payable by both business and leisure tourists to our town. Therefore the funding for increased marketing will not come out of the members pockets, but be a contribution by those visiting and enjoying out region.


Where does the money go?
The funds generated by the Stellenbosch Tourism Levy is administered in a separate Article21 [non-profit] company called Stellenbosch Publicity and Marketing [SPM]. All funds are kept in an interest bearing trust account.


How is the money spent?
Money is allocated to marketing actions undertaken in Stellenbosch, on a project by project basis, after a project plan and budget has been approved by the board of SPM.


Will the money be used for salaries?
A maximum of 7,5% of all funds generated through levy contributions may be spent on the administration of the entity. Administration costs will therefore have to be kept to a minimum.


Is it Compulsory?
You, as a tourism business owner, join this scheme on a voluntary basis. A contract is entered into between yourselves and SPM and may be cancelled as per the terms of the agreement. While the contract is in force, you undertake to pay over the levies collected each month, by the 15th of the following month. This costs you nothing, except a little extra admin, but can make a huge contribution to help grow the visitor numbers in this area.


But what if I am already a member of TOMSA?
If you currently collect TOMSA levies, in terms of the TOMSA agreement you have to give them 3 months notice of cancellation. The TOMSA scheme is also completely voluntarily. You also have to get a letter from your auditor to confirm to TOMSA that you are no longer collecting TOMSA levies. After the 3 months, you are free to collect Stellenbosch Tourism Levies in terms of your agreement with SPM. The TOMSA levy is used for contributions to the marketing programmes of SA Tourism. It is very difficult to measure the impact of this spending on Stellenbosch. By becoming a collector of Stellenbosch Tourism Levies, you know that the contributions of visitors to our region directly benefit the marketing of Stellenbosch as a tourist destination.


Why a separate entity?
It is important that levy funds do not fall within the general budget of Stellenbosch Tourism for a number of reasons. Funds must only be used for marketing, not operational expenses. By allocating funds only to approved projects, maximum effectiveness is ensured. Each project will be subject to agreed outcomes and must be properly researched and motivated.


How do I know how the money was spent?
SPM produces an Annual Report and audited financial statements which will be made available at the AGM.


How are the affairs of SPM managed?
SPM has a management board consisting of directors who will bear the responsibility for management and direction of the company. The board will evaluate and approve projects for implementation, investigate desired marketing activities and see to the smooth running of the company.


When do I start?
As soon as you can. Please click here to see how. Become a member


How do I start?
Please visit the become a member page by clicking here or send an email to admin@stellenboschpm.co.za to request a contract document. Please complete and return. You may now start to charge the Stellenbosch Tourism Levies on your client invoices from the first day of the month following on the month in which you signed the agreement.


How do I pay the levies over?
You will receive a remittance advice from SPM at the beginning of each month, to record details of levies collected the previous month. This must be completed and submitted together with proof of eft into the trust account of SPM, no later than the 15th of that month. Banking Info: Acc name: Stellenbosch Publicity and Marketing, Tak no: 107110 45, Rek no. 1071 420 925, Tipe: Lopende/Tjek rekening, Nedbank


How should I implement this in my business?
You have 2 options – choose whatever works easiest for you. If your rates state “excluding tourism levy” you simply add this as an item to your invoices.You may find it easier to calculate rates that include the 1% levy. If you take your normal rate and add 1%, this might bring the rate to a strange amount [e.g. R450 pp becomes R454.50] Just round it up to R455, so that it is easy to calculate. You then know that for each person who was invoiced the rate of R455, you collected a R5 tourism levy. Ensure that your quotations and rate sheets indicate if the rate is inclusive or exclusive of the levy. Levies should be calculated on the B&B rate excluding extras.


How do I show it on my client invoices?
Levies should be displayed as “Tourism Levy” on client invoices.