How are funds used

The funds are raised by adding a 1% tourism levy on invoices, meaning that the money is paid by clients visiting Stellenbosch and does not come from your pocket.


The last few years, SPM funds generated through the tourism levy were the only funds available for the Publicity and marketing exercises of Stellenbosch Town.

If all Stellenbosch 360 members participate, this will generate approx. R 3.5 million per annum on a conservative estimate. This R 3 .5 million additional budget will go a long way to market Stellenbosch town as a whole for the benefit of all.


The sole purpose of SPM is to provide Stellenbosch 360 with more resources to market our beautiful town.


The SPM board supports and eagerly awaits proposals from Stellenbosch 360 for marketing (communication) projects. The board then decide on the projects which will have the most impact for the funds available. The projects need to focus on raising awareness of Stellenbosch and promoting tourism – to the benefit of the entire population of Stellenbosch.

The procedure is extremely simple:


  • Step 1: Stellenbosch 360 hands in a proposal for a well defined marketing project/action.
  • Step 2: SPM reviews the proposal and – if approved – transfers funds into Stellenbosch 360 account.
  • Step 3: Stellenbosch 360 executes the approved project and reports back to SPM with the results vs. objectives. (Within 4 weeks after the end or once every quarter for ongoing campaigns.)
  • Step 4: SPM reports on a quarterly basis to its members.


Note: Individual members can initiate marketing (communication) projects/actions as well, but as it stands, SPM can only fund Stellenbosch360. Hence for the time being, Stellenbosch 360 will always be the executing partner and focal point for SPM. But don’t let that stop you: go to any Board member and share your thoughts for brilliant marketing initiatives with him/her!


Simple as that!

Stipulations for the use of funds:


  • Funds may only be used for Stellenbosch marketing projects. No salaries may be paid with funding monies.
  • Projects/actions must be relevant.
  • Projects/actions must achieve maximum impact and visibility.
  • There must be no better/cheaper/more effective alternative to reach the same goals.
  • Projects/actions must be consistent with other marketing (communication) efforts and the brand values of Stellenbosch.
  • Projects/actions must not be solely polictical driven. No hobby-horses.
  • Proposals must be submitted in a standard format.
  • Results must be clearly defined and measurable.
  • SPM logo must be clearly displayed whenever and wherever possible in acknowledgement that the project was funded by SPM.